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Marchon Partners Blog Top 10 In Demand and Highest U.S. Paying Tech Jobs in 2023

26 Jul 2023

Technology is constantly changing, and employees who have the most in demand skills usually get the highest salary. Employers also know how important it is to compensate top talent to keep their business thriving. According to Robert Half Technology’s 2023 IT Salary Report, the most in demand tech jobs along with their salary ranges are:


Cloud Engineer

Job Duties: Builds, oversees, and maintains cloud infrastructure

Salary Range: $102,500 – $143,750


Database Developer

Job Duties: Creates, implements, tests, and troubleshoots databases

Salary Range: $105,000 – $144,250


DevOps (Development Operations) Engineer

Job Duties: Project management and coding to optimize company software

Salary Range: $108,250 – $157,500


Front-End Developer

Job Duties: Programs the user interface for websites and applications

Starting Salary: $81,250 – $117,250


Help Desk and Desktop Support Professional

Job Duties: Supports users by troubleshooting computer issues

Salary Range: $38,250 – $77,750


Network Administrator

Job Duties: Set up, maintain, and troubleshoot hardware and software

Salary Range: $82,500 – $118,500


Network Security Engineer

Job Duties: Oversees cybersecurity challenges to ensure a secure network

Salary Range: $112,500 – $158,750


Software Developer

Job Duties: Designs and develops software applications for customers using specific programming languages and development tools

Starting Salary: $103,250 – $148,000


Software Engineer

Job Duties: Development, design, and testing of software applications using engineering principles for companies and organizations

Starting Salary: $106,500 – $149,750


Systems Security Manager

Job Duties: Oversees security administrators to ensure overall IT security

Starting Salary: $134,250 – $194,250


What are considered the highest U.S. paying tech jobs?


According to Indeed, some tech jobs can reach well over $200,000 range and are usually are higher management positions or specialized positions that require more expertise, such as:


Hyperscale Cloud Architect

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Engineer 

Information Technology Director

Chief Information Officer

Associate Director of Data Science

Software Engineering Manager


Why do these jobs have the highest demand now?


According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has projected a 15% growth for Computer and Information Technology occupations from 2021 through 2031. Which means approximately 682,800 new jobs would be added during this time. As new technology, such Artificial Intelligence (AI) is introduced, more workers who can adapt to new innovations will be in higher demand and paid accordingly.


How can employers competitively attract these job candidates?


According to Harvard Business Review, top tech talent who often has many choices for their next position look for perks including:


Strong Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Looking beyond traditional degrees and relying more on testing skills and reviewing work portfolios that demonstrate a candidate’s ability to do the job even if they don’t have a particular educational background.

Transparency and Accountability from Management – Managers who are transparent about their vision and how their employees contribute have a direct impact on the desired outcome. Usually communication is direct and clear and open door policies are encouraged.

Personalized Career Development – Employees want to be able to grow in their career and many prefer coaching that allows them to develop their skills and expand to gain additional knowledge and opportunities in the future.


Benefits for employers who proactively recruit for tech positions


Businesses who plan ahead and anticipate what the staff they’ll need in the future will not be scrambling later to fill positions as people retire. By hiring top tech talent earlier they can also develop a team that is looking to contribute to new innovations and grow with the company.